Intro Post

Marquis Chamberlain

January, 16, 2014

Twitter: _Kease

The progression of the internet’s effect on society is extremely interesting to me because I’ve been watching it progress since I had American Online 1.0. Back then the internet still wasn’t as prevalent in mainstream mobile culture because of the lack of technology. Media that use to take twenty minutes to load on a dial up connection, now loads on cellular devices not connected to a phone line in seconds. It’s amazing how refined media has become in terms of accessibility. Now you can video chat with people while at the same time accessing social networks and checking e-mail. “Programs” have now been engrained into American culture as “Applications” or “Apps” , helping foster an entire ecosystem where developers can write apps for mobile devices and make millions of dollars. Social networking keeps people connected to others as well as providing a ground for advertisers to lurk and enables companies to spy on your private life. Learning more about the Information Age would be helpful to my understanding of the industry. I would like to learn more about how to make my own mobile applications. I use to make RPGs for PC for a little bit in my youth and want learn more about new development processes, especially team based. To my understanding groups use programs such as Microsoft Project or GanttProject. Hopefully we’ll look at cases of government regulation on our media as well as government surveillance. Currently, I am an IS&T major with a minor in Digital Media Technologies. Before I came to Temple University I went to Pennsylvania Institute of Technology, it was a junior college in Media, Pa. I’ve had some experience writing code in Java and HTML including CSS and Javascript. I’ve also had some experience using programs such as Final Cut Pro, Logic 9, Sony Vegas, and Sony Acid. I am for net neutrality.



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