David Ford’s Intro Post

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Today we live in a world where we heavily rely on mobile media to interact and communicate, but the luxury of such technologies shouldn’t come without some observation. As a course, I believe the foregoing research will allow students to understand why we should observe mobile media. Privacy, surveillance, identity, socialization, and leisure are just some topics that serve a function in this realm, and they deserve our attention. As a student and scholar, I’m very much interested in answering these questions myself, and inviting debate and discussion that allows for some sort of societal progress or new idea.

Since I’ve taken a previous course with Dr. Shaw, I can honestly say in my expectations that I hope to reach a newer height of understanding, refinement of my skills, and that the different projects of this class will make me a more versatile scholar.  There is a great sense of satisfaction in the end after navigating this challenging, but well-structured learning environment. You will see that the digital essays will require you to incorporate supportive evidence of media scholars and make use library databases, the readings will have you puzzling your friends in your facebook and tweets posts, and your projects will make you feel like your work is your baby; constantly preparing it to be seen in the world.  Essentially you will walk away from this experience learning something, about yourself, the world, and your performance as a student.

This is my last semester as a undergraduate student, so naturally I’m excited and nervous, but this is one of those courses that make you very optimistic in your abilities; if you work hard. Dr. Shaw is the best professor to have if you are transitioning from your undergraduate career to the “real world”, or into graduate studies. My reasons are as you will find out. The work will be rigorous, but it is doable. The effort you give is what you receive in the end. Your 14 weeks is what you make of it, so don’t waste time, but don’t forget to have fun through it all. I look forward to meeting you all in the coming days, enjoy the rest of your break. Dun dun dun!……..Brace yourself!

(The professors will be like this during the first couple months, but hold firm!)

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