An Introduction

My name is Caitlin McHale and I am a junior Media Studies and Production major at Temple. My Twitter account for this course is @caitlingmichael (separate from my personal account because, let’s be honest, I don’t want to subject anyone to that absurdity against their will). I’ve taken a class with Dr. Shaw before (Technology and Culture), so that was the first thing that immediately interested me about this Mobile Media course! Additionally, I also want to learn more about mobile media and its impact on society. We live in an ever-changing world and mobile technologies are becoming more prevalent than ever. People would rather text each other than make a quick phone call, opting for the less personal communication option.


Go anywhere in public and you will see young children playing on their parents’ smartphones to keep them occupied. Friends can’t go out to dinner without sticking their faces in their phones instead of actually interacting with one another. Older generations are attempting to keep up with their children, often resulting in hilarious faux pas as shown in this clip from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

This video also shows another mobile media phenomenon that interests me: Twitter’s reach across the globe. Jimmy Fallon can tweet a hashtag out to his 665,000+ Twitter followers and it gains so much traction that it trends worldwide in 20 minutes. That’s something that would have been unfathomable even as recently as a few years ago.

I hope to walk away from this course with a better understanding of mobile media and mobile applications as well as their impact on our present society. It will also be interesting to perhaps gain a better understanding of where mobile media technologies will be headed in the future. How will our lives and future careers will be impacted by this changing field? Perhaps some of us will go on to work with mobile technologies that haven’t even been created yet. What an intriguing thought.

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