Intro Post Vince Poppa


My name is Vincent Poppa and I’m a senior and Media, Studies, and Production major. I’m not a big fan of the social network scene, I have a love hate relationship with Facebook and I only got a twitter for this class. I suppose my interest in this class is to see how media has and will continue to change society. I’m also interested to see what this class attacks as far as cultural impact of this type of media and what goes into making these apps that seem to be changing the way we live. I’m also curious at to what these app developers have in mind for the future of their craft.

I hope to be able to understand the importance of mobile media and how it can change us for the better, by being used as a tool rather than a crutch to sit around and waste time on. Facebook-Games-Mindless-The-Anti-Social-Media From my point of view we use apps more for playing games to take up time than for anything very productive. I want to see the positive impacts that have occurred since the integration of mobile media.

I’m somewhat of a minimalist when it comes to using apps and social media. I used to be a bigger contributor not long ago, but became a bit disenchanted with the idea of broadcasting ourselves to the world after taking some media criticism classes here at Temple. I like to quit Facebook over breaks so I’m not tempted to mindlessly roam the newsfeed for hours. I also don’t use gaming apps on my phone because they don’t seem that interesting, although many people I know play on them for long periods of time.

 Social media isn’t slowing down anytime soon, but I must add that outside of work and school related obligations many of my friends are thinking of quitting the drug.

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