Sam Wu’s Intro Post

My name is Sam Wu and I’m currently a senior in the Media Studies and Production program. I am supposed to graduate this May, but due to my indecision to choose a major before my junior year, I am behind in credits. My new expected graduation date is in December and I hope to study abroad during my last semester here at Temple, specifically in Japan. Outside of school, I like to play sports and watch a lot of anime. You can find me only on Facebook regularly because I’m not much of a social media user and my twitter user name for this class is @SamWu215.


When I signed up for this class, I really had no idea what I was in for. I hope to learn about the future of mobile media because it is one of the mediums that I feel does not get talked about enough. We cannot begin to fathom what technology will hold for us in the future and I believe the most uncertainty is the growth of mobile media. With all this talk about television transitioning to the Internet, where is mobile media going to take us? As of right now, I feel that we hit the peak of mobile media because I can’t imagine how much more advanced it can get. Sure, there are millions of apps coming out for phones and gaming devices, but is that it? I hope by the end of this class that I can have somewhat an idea of what it will look like in the future.

I don’t have a smart phone and I don’t have a texting plan. It’s weird that my friends believe I’m missing out because I lack those mobile options. On the contrary, I actually believe I’m learning more about myself through the lack of mobile communication. Just something about being physically alone and knowing I don’t have the means to communicate with someone instantaneously puts me at ease.

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