Intro Post: Ryley High

twitter account: @ryleyhigh

My name is Ryley High and I am a Media Studies and Production major at Temple.  I’ve always been interested in the affects mobile media/social media has on society.  I read the description of the course and thought it looked interesting.  I also saw that Professor Shaw had great reviews so that is also a plus.  I’m looking forward to learning the good and bad effects Mobile Media has on our society.  I don’t really care for social media really but I enjoy learning about how hypnotizing it can be to people.  Texting, Facebook, Instagram, etc. has such an emotionally draining affect on people.  It takes away the face to face natural contact humans should normally be experiencing. Our world is becoming more and more electronic and computer based.  I hope to be enlightened about the future of mobile media. In reality technology is equally positive and negative to our society.


Wall-e is such an incredible movie about the deterioration of Earth and the chilling reality that may be occurring in our world.  Humans are completely obsessed with making things easier for themselves.  Technology is certainly a way to make that happen.  Wall-e shows the lives of humans in a futuristic world that live permanently cemented to a chair and electronic screens plastered to their faces.  We should definitely learn how to share our time equally between media and other things.

  I saw that someone already posted this video in their intro post but it is absolutely brilliant.  Louie CK. is a hysterical comedian who has a good head on his shoulders.  I agree with everything he says about how children shouldn’t be spending all their time staring at their iPhones, IPads, etc.

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