Intro Post: Brian Davis

Twitter: @FaithfulS3rvant

My name is Brian Davis and I’m a senior Media, Studies, and Production major.  I transferred to Temple University in the fall of 2012 from Delaware County Community College.  Hopefully I will be graduating this spring. I am  a frequent user of social media on many of the popular platforms along with Twitter such as Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud.  I am also a music artist and have been rapping for about five years now.  Social media has played an important role and has become a powerful tool in how I promote my music and build a fan base.  In this new age of rapid growing technology and mobile media, though I believe that there are many benefits there are many negatives. I believe that mobile media in some ways has taken away from this generation’s basic social skills. Over the years in this new technological age, people have almost been able to create alternate identities or personalities that are contrary to their real selves. I think its important that we stay in tune with mobile media but we should not let it consume our lives completely or live our lives through these platforms. 

In this class, I hope to gain a greater knowledge of mobile media and and where we are headed with it. I hope to also learn about more effective ways to use mobile media and tools that could better serve future generations of kids who are severely lacking in their communication skills because of it. Overall I want to gain a great educational experience and further sharpen my skills as an academic. I am looking forward to this class as it seem like there will be much that we will learn and the assignments also seem like they will be interesting.

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