Intro Post Julian Castillo

Twitter Handle – @JCastillo9000

I’m a junior on the emergent media track in MSP. I transferred to Temple University in Fall ’13 after graduating from community college. Media is my favorite study due to its impact on my personal life. I use it to communicate, record music, distribute music through my Soundcloud account, and gain information. There is essentially an unlimited number of uses!  Along with media comes opportunity. Opportunity  to join new communities, find jobs, and purchase products. 

The relationship between people and their media, especially mobile media, is unavoidably relevant in today’s every day life. I want to learn more about this relationship and analyze what it does to a person.  I am interested to look in-depth on the application side of technology in order to understand the thinking behind a developer or researcher.


The societal impact that mobile media technology has on our future generations is incredible! I appreciate the advancement of technology and am fascinated by it’s science, design, and ability. I agree that the science is benefiting our society, but there are some unforeseen disadvantages associated with technology.

Interpersonal relationships and our awareness of nature in general is changing due to the technology! We’re moving from an era where social interaction was necessary to live a fundamentally sound life, to a time of almost 50% social and 50% technological interaction.

We control our feelings in a new way. We can manipulate others’ thinking through text, emoji, and even ignoring messages. We’ve furthered by not using the phone call feature, instead only typing our sentences, creating slang terms and epidemics of grammar errors. It’s difficult to disconnect from the media world. It’s now part of our lifestyle.

My interest first started when I took a sociology my freshman year and found this poem, while mindlessly browsing the web, by Marshall “Soulful” Jones:

His words changed how I perceived media and made me aware of all of it’s effects – not just the positive. In this class, I want to continue expanding my knowledge of the societal issues associated with media. Identity, interaction, and purpose all sort of get stirred up when you separate human interaction with technology. In 40, 50 years this will be huge! In 15 years even, technology will be something unforeseeable to 2014. It’s exciting, of course! But it’s also scary and non-reversible.

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