Intro Post: Sean Sullivan


If you have a mobile phone chances are it’s a smart phone, it allows you to do the basic stuff like phoning someone one (if you still do that) and texting your latest friends. It also allows you to check email, go out and surf the web as well as watch Netflix and Hulu all of these reasons that the phone is becoming more than just a secondary device. In reality its becoming a part of us and mainly thats why I am taking this class, to look into this “epidemic” where our best friend is no longer a human being, it a computer.

How long until the movie Her, really becomes reality?

Joaquin Phoenix as he portrays Theodore Twombly in the 2013 movie from Spike Jonze’s Her

Looking over the syllabus one of the things that stuck out to me is week 6. doing research and making apps. If there is one thing that I would take away from this class it would be during that week. As mobile media is becoming a booming business in the world of today everyone should atleast understand the principles of what goes into making an app, for this very reason I am excited to be learning this and look forward to hopefully making a basic app before this semester is over.

As we progress into our studies one thing is for sure, the demand of our major changes. The belief is that when we graduate we will know everything , be able to do everything. The greatest part of what we study is that we are always linked with the evolution of technology. For which we could never know all, it’s simply impossible but what we can do is become a well rounded individual with the basic knowledge of each principle of media. That’s exactly what I think this course will do as it will allow us to grow within the mobile media market. Also allowing us to get more comfortable with WordPress is a plus as well, as many companies that are hiring are looking for basic skills to include wordpress.

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