Intro Post Sequoia Bey

Twitter: @sequoiaaaa_

My name is Sequoia Bey. I am Media Studies & Production major. I am big fan of media in any context. I decided to take this class because this is what I want to do with my career. I enjoy being in constant connection with people over certain things such as a political cause or a television show.  I get a majority of news from apps such as Twitter, BuzzFeed, and Facebook. I also like the idea of social media is because I simply don’t have time for people. I work full time and I am in school full time. It is easier for me to FaceTime/text/tweet my family and friends versus meet up with them or ride all the way to Gloucester County, which is a pain for a non-driver and NJ Transit sucks.

I have recently got into tumblr, which has educated me on a lot of things I didn’t know before. My favorite part about social media is that you can simply express yourself and anyone can partake in it. One person I follow on twitter is Franchesca. She has her own channel on YouTube. It’s witty and thoughtful.

I like when people take something serious and turn it into something. She could have just sat in front of camera and complained about her loans versus do something that is fun and draw something meaningful from it. There is one thing that will always bother me when it comes to social media: Common sense.


People don’t use the Internet wisely. If I don’t know something I usually look it up. I feel like people are just saying things and not fact checking before actually putting their thoughts online.

Before registering for this class I search for the syllabus. I enjoyed every part and I am looking forward to actually looking forward to the Politics section.

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