Intro Post: Ryan Counihan

Twitter: @RyanCouni

Hello all! My name is Ryan Counihan and I am a senior studying Media Production at Temple University. I chose to take this course because I find the world of social media to be a fascinating place. The fact that with the click of a mouse I can obtain information and knowledge from all over the world is truly an incredible thing. What a fascinating age we live in! I hope to learn more about mobile media and the direction it is heading. The age of singularity is quickly approaching and with the use of technology the impossible will be possible.

I have been using social media since I was in grade school. I would use social media mainly to promote various bands I have played in. I have used sites such as Xanga, Myspace, and of course Facebook. Most recently I have been using the site SoundCloud for both sharing and discovering music. I am excited to learn more of what this amazing technology has to offer us.


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