Intro Post: Emelia Carmody

Hi! My name is Emelia Carmody

This class interested me first because of its title, Mobile Media. I feel like Media is something that has grown and evolved so much in the last 5 years alone. Between all different sources of social media, new inventions, and the fact that most of us have a computer for a cell phone. It’s changing constantly, becoming more and more advanced and mobile, so getting to learn about that really sparked my interest. I was also interested because the class is in Center City. Not being from Philadelphia I love coming into center city, walking around, and exploring new places. To have the opportunity once a week to have an excuse to come into center city seemed pretty awesome.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 9.05.37 PM

I hope to get out of this class a better understanding of some media sites. For example I don’t know much about WordPress but feel like it is a great website that has major advantages. I also hope to learn more about the effects of media on society and individuals. With media and technology growing so quickly and having my generation and the next few generations constantly surrounded by it, definitely has its effects on people. So I hope to learn a bit more about all of that. I really do look forward to this class and to using this website more as well as Twitter.  Speaking of my Twitter handle is EmeliaCarm.

I love Twitter, this is my more “professional” account, I have one I use for every day “omg class is so long #ughhh” kind of things.

I am also an avid user of YouTube, I posted some videos when I was younger (no you may not see them) so I have really been involved in the YouTube Community since about 2007. I’ve seen the site go from a place where people Vlogged in their bedrooms to now individuals getting paid enough money for it to be their full time jobs. I think YouTube is an amazing website with so much more to it then cute videos of kittens. I love how much you can learn from just watching someone else’s videos. Here is a video about the Salton Sea, from a video maker who I think is quite incredible.

I look forward to this semester.


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