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My username for twitter is tuf14818

I’m what you call a post-traditional student, simply put, a working adult trying to complete his degree. This class interests me because I want to learn about mobile content production. Definitely exploring the many new mobile applications and their relationship to generating revenue is my main interest. I find that it is extremely difficult keeping up with the herd and sometimes find it is a burden to keep up with so much new technology (MIT App Inventor). I wish to simplify my life some day but realize my plans have to change for right now. I realize it will take many extra hours of hard work to engage in MSP-4541 assignments this semester.

Learning how to communicate using different online situations will be a definite take away. Plus strengthening my writing skills and sharpening analytical thinking will help. I really enjoy learning the cutting edge technology more than the social aspects. Look forward to learning many new concepts and theories, from the likes of Thomas W. Hazlett; for example, in Arceneaux’s & Kavoori’s, The Mobile Media Reader chapter 5, “A Brief history of U.S. Mobile Spectrum” (Hazlett, 2012, Page 79)

Screen grab Thomas Hazlett page 79

Chart Credit: (Hazlett, 2012, Page 79)

I am a talented individual with solid team leadership and client skills, experience managing Radio, Television and Film workflow and overseeing production schedules, and capable of seeing them through final execution. I have excellent communication skills and the ability to work well in a collaborative team environment. I’m highly proficient in the Sony HD Broadcast line of cameras, documentary, cinema-verite’ shooting experience, Final Cut Studio Pro, Compressor, Motion, Boris Red, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Media Encoder, Photoshop, Illustrator and also Avid DS & Media Composer. Cinematographer experience on several projects.

My favorite TV show is Black Sails from Starz. Here is an embedded video of the shows trailer.

Works Cited

Black Sails Trailer retrieved from Youtube on January 26, 2014

Hazlett, Thomas W. (2012). “A Brief History of U.S. Mobile Spectrum,” in N. Arceneaux & A. Kavoori (Eds), The Mobile Media Reader. New York: Peter Lang. P. 68-86.

Chart Credit (screen grab) retrieved from same book, page 79.


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