Intro Post: Matthew Brand

Reading through some of these introduction posts, it seems like some of my fellow scholars have a bit more experience than I might have. Which is partly why this class caught my attention as much as it did. I know pretty much nothing about the subject. I think my ignorance of a class’s topic is what prompts me to take them. With this class I hope to become more well rounded in my media literacy and try to become more creative. Perhaps even come up with a new idea that could change the world? Who knows. Maybe I should just start with finishing this blog post before the deadline.

A little about me. If you’ve been to any live music shows here in Philly over the past few years, you’ve probably seen me, or at least been within a fifty foot proximity. I love music to put it lightly. I recently lost my over ten thousand digital song library due to a failed hard drive. Today I got news from a computer whiz that my dad knows that he is able to recover the files. Better news has not ever been delivered to me.

Here’s the album cover of my favorite album of all time (well there’s like a 10 way tie but I don’t want to spam this page)


Kanye West’s College Dropout. Ironic somewhat for a college student eh?

I consider myself a pretty media savvy person. I have a twitter which are rarely use but sometimes share my sarcastic twenty-something opinions there. A tumblr of mine exists somewhere out there on the interwebs. Kudos to you if you find it. My internship at the now defunct Blockley music venue and bar helped to hone my social media skills as that made up the majority of my duties. It’s sad that it had to close but at least we went out with a bang.

Here’s a video taken of the last ever show at The Blockley

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