Introduction: Janelle Roedan

Hi everyone!

Twitter: JanelleRoedan

I am a senior in the BTTM track at Temple University. I became interested in this class because Mobile Media is a big part of everyone’s daily lives. It’s also something that has become important in many different types of businesses – it’s where the majority of advertising revenue comes from and it’s where they can reach many people from all across the world.  I would like to be able to apply what I learn in this class into my career as a media professional. I think one day (or do we already?) we all will be able to access and do everything through our phones…

Like being able to watch John Legend on your phone all day (#SorryImNotSorry)

I’m interested in everything that has to do with media, from the creative side, to the broadcasting side, to the production side of media. I originally wanted to be a newscaster. I even started the first Spanish news in Temple University’s history, but the more internships I did, and the more I got exposed to news casting,  the more I pushed myself away from it.  I had the privilege to intern with the CEO of a new digital media company and was able to learn a lot about the business side of media.  Here is where I realized that news casting was not everything I imagined, and that the business side of media is far more interesting. While I am in my last semester of college, I plan on applying to as many jobs as I can and find the opportunity that will help me expand my knowledge in the media business world!  I want to either go into marketing for a big business or either, media buying or media analysis. . .We will see what the future holds!

It never hurts to network, especially with my fellow Temple Owls so here’s my LinkedIn: My LinkedIn 🙂


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