Introductory Post: Chris Denison

Twitter: @ChrisRDenison

My name is Chris Denison, I am a senior MSP major in the production track. I enjoy watching TV and have a strange affinity to being able to binge watch shows at seemingly impossible speeds. If I were a super hero I would quite literally have the stupidest power. I hope to someday produce TV News or write for a TV drama. I am drawn to live TV because it has a mind of its own, a news broadcast can go horribly awry yet still make for some educational and entertaining. I often look toward my favorite television for inspiration and one of the most inspiring shows I know of is HBO’s, The Newsroom. The show follows journalist sickened by the corporate control and bias that has befallen what is called the “news” today. This the very first scene sets the stage for the entirety of the show.

This class interests me because I am always looking for new perspectives on the ways technologies and culture shape media environments. If I may for a moment confide in this post, I used to hate Twitter. I always thought it was mindless, voyeuristic, and incredibly vain. I would see and hear people talking about what such and such said to so and so about who gives a what.

Instead of a communication tool that was designed to create connections, I seemed to only see it as having a degradative on human connection as a whole.

Then on April 15, 2013, a day that surely will not be forgotten, two bombs explode in the middle of a large crowd gathered to watch marathoners cross a finish line. After the dust settled Boston locked the city down in a massive manhunt to find the culprits. This made traditional avenues of media unreliable and particularly vague so I turned to twitter. There I followed updates posted by the hacker group anon and others in the Boston area.  From that moment on I knew the power of twitter and realized I wasn’t looking at it the right way. I hope this class will change my mind about technology and mobile media, I want my views to be shattered. I live to be proven wrong.

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