Amber Brown’s Introductory Post

Hello there everyone. I am Amber Brown and I am a senior Media Studies and Production major. I chose this major going into college and have maintained a liking for it. I was interested in this class because of the stance it takes on the transformation of mobile media. Such technology is on the rise and is our present and projected future. I believe that in order to stay abreast in this business, you need to know what the new technologies are (despite how difficult they are to learn at first). Creating media is a challenge, and understanding it is a key step in keeping up with what is current. I think that mobile media is rapidly evolving and deserves the attention of everyone. I have taken several courses that have taken a look at how different forms of media have revamped and grown tremendously. I found those courses to be extremely telling as to what lies in the future of all forms of media. I hope to get that same experience of awe inspiring revelations with this class. It is amazing to see the ins and outs of the various technologies that are being crafted.

While at times the rate of growth within ever-expanding forms of media can be overwhelming, it is worth learning. These technologies are placed here to try and improve lifestyles. The result can be you resembling something like this: 6a00d8345d4b6769e2011570211ba5970b-800wi

As far as other information I would like to share with you, I am a transfer from Howard University. There’s a very long story to go along with how I ended up at Temple University, but we can save that for another day. It should be made known early on that I love Beyonce. Here’s why:

That’s about all that I have folks. Citing for my outside elements are just below.

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