Vanessa Fuller Intro

Twitter: @Fullawords

I remember setting up my schedule last semester and really struggling to find the proper balance in terms of what I need to know better, could stand to know at all, and what interests me. All of course while trying to get a right proper schedule, mates.

I had to ask myself, “What DON’T I want to do?”  For I have learned a while back that often what I want to avoid like a plague, leads me into some of my most fond encounters. So I didn’t think mobile media had any direct connection to myself, however after looking at the course description, I figured it may very well be useful. I live every day as though I’m new to life,  yet somehow I know things. I call it being a stranger.

Now that I am enrolled in the class, I am a bit intimidated by technology. I have a strong disconnect for how to properly use some of these sources, and so much information does not translate from the screen to me in the most comprehensible manners possible.

All this accounted for, I am on a mission. I am on a mission to understand how to address, communicate about, use, and develop mobile media. I think this exploration will allow me to better use and develop media overall, especially in conjunction with some of my other courses. I am so ready to give it my best shot. Off to a bit of a rocky start, but I am still rather determined. What else should you know? I believe in Love and Good over Hate and Evil. So I will be extremely thoughtful in my endeavors here, and hope to engage with my classmates one day, on a professional level. Be ready to work. Be ready to…




Even if you get like this


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