Here’s me

Twitter: twat4class    ie.  I had to make a twitter for school. Definitely not calling anyone such a term.

This class interests me because I have taken Technology and Culture with Dr. Shaw before and the way she stimulates the relevance of each weeks readings with different topics always turns out interesting. Mobile media is something so present and accepted in todays society that for me as an MSP major, would almost need to know the ins and outs of what is completely going on. I am interested to see how my understanding of technology and culture will help me visualize the environments of mobile media. I want to see if we have any similar readings from that class that I can now look read from a different perspective. I hope this class will engage me in discussions and applications of mobile media and be able to understand it better. I am also taking history of electronic media this semester and I hope to be able to jump back and forth until a point occurs when i have a working understanding in the history of how mobile media operates and functions. I hope this class will be able to prepare me to imagine what the future can and will offer so that I can be ready to adapt to a newer or changing media environment. I hope this class will also help me hone in on my blogging and posting skills. I just started using WordPress last semester. I am still at the beginner skill level and really want to improve. Check out the WordPress I had to make for my other class!

A little about me: I like to take pictures and shoot video, edit video, bike, and snowboard.

Guy I grew up with killing it on his bike around the Philadelphia area.




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