Michael Brandt Introduction Post

Hello, my name is Michael Brandt (follow me on Twitter: mikebrandt16) and I am an MSP major following the Emergent Media track. Perhaps what interests me most about this course is that the mobile media we integrate into our daily lives today seems to be constantly evolving, quite drastically, and at a faster rate than that of the television and movie industries. Cell phones went from being a device capable of basic telecommunication necessities to being small computers capable of functioning as a GPS, portable gaming system, and now scanning and recognizing your fingerprints. While I have to admit, I find the whole fingerprint recognition to be a bit alarming since it has become known that the government is indeed watching and collecting our mediated information, because if anything our fingerprints are now another piece of personal informtation that can be stored and added to their archives. But, my paranoia aside, the technological advancements in mobile technologies is remarkable.

From this class I hope to fully understand the societal impacts of mobile media and just how much they have changed human life. Before smartphones, you simply would not see people stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, staring into a device for several minutes as they Google the nearest fast-food restaurant. But today, we are used to obtaining the information we want as fast as we want it; as fast as the internet.  We are essentially evolving to become more and more unified with our technology, as this popular image illustrates perfectly:


I have always been interested in futurism; delving head first into the future and avoiding lateral movement in the way I live my life. If i feel like some aspect of my life is not progressing, I will try hard to change that and make things better. While there are certain aspects of mobile media to be weary of, I see the entire field as a very current, groundbreaking, and forward-thinking area of modern technological advancements.

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