Epi Alert

Social Justice Topic


For my final project, I would like to create app that help people with epilepsy. With about 65 million people who suffer from epilepsy. The app would help with navigating a person throughout their day. The app would include police alerts because flashing lights trigger seizures. A list of food conflicts that goes along with the user’s required pharmaceutical prescription. They will be able to set up medicine alerts so they won’t be able to forget to take their medicine while they are out. A mapping locator will provide the closest neurological doctor when the user’s primary doctor isn’t around. A forum will also be available to interact with other people about Epilepsy. Apart of the app’s design will be an alert that sends out loud beeping noise at high pitches if a person seizes and falls to the ground. The app will have its own separate interface but all include a link to the forum via Tapatalk, an app for desktop-based forums, which will connect to the epilepsy forum. The app will be designed in large icons for easy access to each function. The emergency alerts will pop us with in a two-mile radius wherever the user is. For example, if the user were at 10th and Walnut, the alert would read “Ambulance going east on Chestnut. Please turn off at the next block!”

I did choose my classroom because it would give me what an average student did in the classroom and what it would look like in an enclosed public space. I imagined what it would be like in a situation if someone in class had a seizure and what the app could help with possibly.


2 thoughts on “Epi Alert”

  1. The basic design of this is good, but needs to be more clearly linked to scholarly research. Also in your paper be sure to explain how this is related to social justice (it clearly is, but make sure you spell it out). It will also be useful, as we discussed, to talk about specific existing technologies that this app is making use of.

    In making your visual design component, it will be important to walk through (visually) all of the different components you explain here.

  2. There is no doubt in my mind that this “app” would help, your statistics are staggering. I think you want to use that as one of the sources of information, because you obviously puled that number from someones research.

    As far as usage it would be a great app not only for those who have epilepsy but from any type of medical condition. The one issue I’m not really clear on is if this is two “apps” or just one? I know you mentioned it because on the users device and then a desktop version. Is the desktop version in the medical emergency vehicles? If so, then is this another service that your going to include in their preexisting devices that are already in the car or an additional computer? I personally think creating an add-on for the existing software they already have would be the best way.

    Either way I think this “app” works, I like forward to the visual aspect and see what your thinking of doing.

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