Project Proposal: Blood Donation

The app I want to design will aim to help promote blood donation. I plan on going about it by incorporating different blood centers so that they can advertise their respective sites and benefit the health and wellness community as a whole. There will also be a section with an interactive mock questionnaire that will let people know if they are legally eligible to donate blood. However, the app will further relate to social justice by informing people that are not eligible why they cannot donate, and referring them to organizations that may be trying to update the blood donor laws to be fairer.

While the app has the potential to increase blood donation among people that might not be do so otherwise, I think that the social justice aspect could have a significant effect of the gay male community, a group that is not legally allowed to donate blood. As of right not, men who have had sex with men (along with women who have had sex with men who have had sex with men) since 1977 cannot donate, and there are groups out there that are trying to change that. My app could spread the word about their organizations and others like them, and mobilize people to make a change.

My field research made me realize how difficult it could be to find a general audience for my app, so I have decided to reframe it as an extension of the blood center themselves. People who are regular donors could use my app to find local drives, as well as keep track of their dates of eligibility through a personal profile feature. However, my field research also showed me that other general users would more than likely be alone, and therefore would be more likely to spontaneously donate if a drive is located near them at a given time. This may not attract a significantly large number of people, but anyone that has worked for a blood center can tell you that every unit counts, and most of the time, centers struggle to meet their quotas.


Aside from our class readings and discussions, my research will focus on apps related to health and public service campaigns. A few sources I have found already include:

Garcia-Gomez, J. M.-D.-C. (2014). Analysis of mobile health applications for a broad spectrum of consumers: A user experience approach. Health Informatics Journal , 74-84.

Hannabach, C. (2013). Technologies of Blood: Asylum, Medicine, and Biopolitics. Cultural Politics , 22-41.

Ho, K. (2013). Health-e-Apps: A project to encourage effective use of mobile health applications. British Colombia Medical Journal , 458-460.

Weber, K. &. (2012). Designing and Evaluating the Campus Organ Donor Project. Communication Quarterly , 504-519.


For the visual design portion of the project, I plan on utilizing PowerPoint to help explain my research and then design “screenshots” of what different parts of the app will look like. That way, my audience will have a concrete visual example of what I am trying to accomplish with my app and how that will be achieved. If something goes awry and I cannot complete the PowerPoint, I will go the old-fashioned route and (very) roughly sketch the screenshots onto different poster boards. This would ultimately have the same effect for the audience, though my artistic skills are not exactly stellar, so I’m hoping to find success with the PowerPoint idea.


There are just over four weeks until I will have to present my project to the class, so I will really need to stay on schedule in order to complete every portion

For the week of March 23, I will schedule my appointment with Kristina DeVoe to help guide the direction of my academic research. I will also go through the proposals of my fellow classmates, seeing if any of their ideas can help my adjust my own to be more successful.

For the week of March 30, I will be spending much of the time usually dedicated to this class completing my group project. However, I will also aim to analyze most of the articles that I have already found, gaining a strong foundation for my research.

For the week of April 6, I will have hopefully met with Kristina DeVoe, have found and analyzed a few more resources, and created a strong outline of my research to guide the final paper.

For the week of April 13, I will aim to have my final paper written so that the key concepts can be extracted for the class presentation. I will also start working on the visual design component.

For the week of April 20, I will finish my visual design component and have everything ready to present on April 23.

For the week of April 27, I will make any necessary edits to my paper and visual design as becomes necessary after my presentation so that the project as a whole can be submitted for a grade.


One thought on “Project Proposal: Blood Donation”

  1. This is a very solid, very clear, and very well-planned out project. In every single respect I think you are on the right track. Let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues as you move forward.

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