Jesus at Love Park

photo 5

On a casual Wednesday afternoon, Professor Adrienne Shaw presented a journalism assignment to her class. The class was to go out and find a news story. Little did she know, students found more than a news story.

photo 4

As students wandered the nearby area, they stumbled across Love Park. Love Park, known for it’s homeless population and popularity with skateboarders, had a special guest today. It was Jesus Christ, himself.

photo 3

He immediately went to work on the students; preaching and converting any lost soul that stumbled towards his path. Diligent and willing to forgive, Jesus has not lost a step.

photo 2

Some were ecstatic for having their sins forgiven. Some believed they had new life after this special encounter.

photo 1

Others were just too stubborn. Jesus’s return was nothing short of spectacular; fate brought Him and the students together on this special evening.

– Sam Wu, Sean Sullivan, and Matt Kacyon


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