Selfie: A Wellness Month: Official Harvard Study

A recent study at Harvard Medical School shows that “Selfies”

are more than just a technological photo frenzy.

Associates have found that the more people take “Seflies”,

the healthier they become.

The school released a photo-update

of their findings which has been shared below.


Notice the specimen’s discoloration

and sad express shown in exhibit A. She is clearly disgruntled.

Experts say it is the lack of control a person experiences

when having their photo taken, that is the primary difference in the

two sort of photography styles.

But when the same specimen was given an

iPhone 4 to take snapshots of herself, “Immediately

the power being transferred back to the subject,

promotes better health. (See Below)

image (1)

“It’s certainly a progressive experiment.” Professor X points out

that the photo above, being the specimens’ first taste of

Self-Expression, is brighter than the initial photo taken of her. (Note the smoothie

that ALSO comes with Selfie-Power.)

The color begins to come back into her world by “Selfie,” number three which

Professionals insist, “Is still a little dull.”

image (1)

(Selfie three)

Finally, by the end of the experience, the subject,

who opted not to be named for privacy concerns,

is vibrant and lively in her photos.


“Selfies definitely

have healing properties.”- Professor X, again.

There you have it folks, take those “Selfies,” and be on your way to wellness.


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