EpiAlert Final Project


            I choose this particular issue due to epilepsy being very close to home. I have grown up knowing my aunt had an issue and never fully understood everything that goes on in her life. She cannot do average things most people do. At the age of 31, she cannot drive, she cannot attend a concert, she is overly sensitive to lights and certain things cannot over stimulate her senses. I see this a social justice due to the inequalities in the world today.

When I conducting my field research, the thought of a classroom setting seemed ideal. Someone in my lecture hall could have epilepsy. What would happen to that person if they had one in a big classroom? Being in room full of students engrossed in notebooks and laptops. A person towards the back of the room may not be noticed while a seizure is happening. I thought of various scenarios of how the app would alert someone’s attention and am helpful in everyday life.

EpiAlert is a tool for people with epilepsy that need a little bit of extra help in day-to-day activities. People who use the application can set up distinct times for taking medicine. This would provide them with a daily habit to take it around the same time. A list of anti-seizure medicines will be available and will list each food conflict. The police alerts will use a GPS feature that tracks when police will be within a four-block radius of the user. This will show up as an alert and tell them that police are in action. When going out of town the neurologist will be able to be looked up just in case of an emergency. The chat room will be combined by with the online chat with people discussing epileptic issues and everyday life. The seizure alarm will be forcefully awakened with hard shakes. This will cause a high-pitched noise within 50 feet radius.

This app would not be accessible to people that are hard of seeing. It would not benefit them due to the app being mostly on a smartphone and needing to see what is going on within the app itself. The app lacks a voice dictation, which would serve as a problem.

The issues with GPS are that most people don’t want to be found and have where they are on record. To solve that problem people can put in any zip code to search local places for help. Another concern would be the information used in the chat room. All information from the users phone will not be accessible through the app.


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