It's on the syllabus

Comic credit: Chan, Jorge. (2013, May 10). “It’s in the syllabus

Assignment Submit Due Grade%
Contribution to Classroom In class Every class 10%
Discussion Questions Twitter Each class day, Noon 5%
Group Presentation In class See schedule/group assignments 5%
Intro Post, Accounts Set Up WordPress, Twitter January 26, 11pm 2%
Digital Essay #1 WordPress See schedule/group assignments 10%
Digital Essay #2 WordPress See schedule/group assignments 15%
Comments on Digital Essays WordPress See schedule/group assignments 2%
Field Research WordPress March 9th, 11pm 5%
Final Project


WordPress March 18, 11pm 5%

Comments on Proposals

WordPress March 23,11pm 1%

Meeting with Kristina DeVoe

Sign up on Google Doc  March 31st, 5pm (deadline for signing up) 5%

Final Project Presentation

In Class See schedule/group assignments 5%

Visual Design component

WordPress May 9, 11pm 10%

Research Paper

WordPress May 9, 11pm 20%



Unless you have a certifiable medical or family emergency, late assignments will not receive credit. Finish your work on time, turn it in the manner assigned, and back up your computer files regularly. You can find more detailed information on the lateness policy here.

Course Technologies:

As media technologies are central to the content of this course, your assignments will require that you make use of a variety of communication channels (including checking your email regularly). You will be required to make accounts for: WordPress and Twitter. If you already have accounts for any of these services you are welcome to use them, or you can create unique ones for the purposes of this course. You are not required to use your legal name, but you will need to tell me your user name so that I can give you credit for your work. Note that the hashtag and blog are both public. Do not post any personal information, language, photos, or other materials you do not want employers (current or future), friends, family, professors, and acquaintances to associate with you. Do not use a personal account if you do not want to make it public. Basic instructions for using each of these technologies are posted here.

**If you do not have regular access to the Internet or a computer, come talk to me at the beginning of the semester so we can discuss the possibility of accomodations.

The goal of these assignments is to make you engage with course materials beyond what we cover in class and to do with new communication technologies what they are best at doing: creating a public dialog in the digital sphere. In addition, you will be learning how to communicate in different online contexts.

Twitter is good for short, to the point assertions and quick links to other sites. Blogs are better for long form writing that uses hyperlinks, images, and embedded video to make an argument. Comments sections on blogs (and other sites) allow us to see how others react to our work and to call upon others to clarify their published points.


The assignments for this course are divided up in a way that ensures that doing poorly on a single assignment will not automatically result in a failing grade for the course (though you must still *do* the assignments). They are also meant to spread out the type of work required of you. The percentage of the course grade the assignment accounts for is meant to indicate the level of expectation used in grading. Please note, that doing the minimum requirements will not earn you an A in this course. For more information on grading, see the grading section of the policies portion of this course site.

To calculate your final grade using the weighted average you can use this site.

Extra Credit:

Opportunities for extra credit will be made available throughout the semester, including via in-class activities. Per Temple policy extra credit opportunities will be announced to all students.

In addition to the “easter egg” extra credit (see home page of course site) students can earn 1% extra credit on your final grade for submitting a song or music video to start off class each week (limit one per student). The song or video must be relevant to the topic for that week (listed in the syllabus). Come to class ready to explain the connection between the song/video and topic.


Your first assignment is to set up the two accounts required for this course and post a minimum 300-word introductory blog post to the collective course blog (NOT a personal blog) following the prompt. This is due by January 26th at 11pm.

The rest of your course assignments fall under five broad areas:

1. Contribution to classroom

2. Digital Essays

3. Group Presentations

4. Field Research

5. Final projects


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