Digital Essays

The first digital essay is worth 10% of your final grade and the second is worth 15%. This is because you are likely to make and expected to learn from your mistakes on the first essay.

These essays are to be posted to WordPress by the deadline listed for your group in the schedule. For advice on how to use WordPress see this page.

Twice during the semester you will post to the public course blog a minimum 800-word essay (word count does not include the works cited list, captions, titles, etc.) responding to a prompt on the course material from that week. These are digital essays, thus you are expected to make use of the unique potential of digital texts, including hyperlinking to or embedding images, websites, and videos that relate to the materials and your analysis. You should make sure to explain in your post what that visual cultural production is, who produced it (proper citations, remember?), and how it relates to the prompt and the rest of your post. In other words, integrate that visual cultural production into your post and analyze it, the same way you would cite and analyze a sentence from a scholarly article.

You will be assigned group numbers that will indicate due dates for this assignment (NOTE: this is an individual assignment, group numbers simply indicate when your essays are due). For each essay you will be given writing prompts one week before the due date, which you must respond to fully.

In your essays, you are not simply summarizing the course readings; you should critically analyze them. Make note of both what authors are arguing and how they are making their points. Consider how they are useful and what their limitations might be. You also must ensure that you answer all aspects of the writing prompt. These will be graded for attentiveness to assignment instructions and requirements, clarity, grammar, and use of course materials. You are required to submit your essay by the deadline for your group (see the schedule on the course site). You are required to properly cite the literature you use in your blog posts and include a bibliography at the end using APA style ( For more instruction on citation see this page.

Note: this blog is public (though I will moderate comments) and will continue to exist after this class is over (though, once grades are finalized you are able to edit or remove your posts). Do not post any personal information, language, photos, or other materials you do not want employers (current or future), friends, family, professors, and acquaintances to associate with you. You are not required to post using your legal name, as long as you send me your selected user name separately so that I may give you credit for your work.

Instructions for blog comments are here.


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