Group Presentations

In addition to the due date for your digital essays, your group number reflects who you will be work with on a collaborative group presentation. Once during the semester, you will work with your group to give a 15-minute (maximum) presentation to the class to present ONE social justice relevant app related to the topic for that week.

What is an app? Read this for more information.

What is social justice? Read this for more information.

There are lots of examples online. Just google/bing/yahoo search for  “apps and social justice” and explore. You can also use examples from the readings and syllabus.

You are NOT to summarize or present the readings for this assignment. The bulk of the presentation should be on the technology or application that you can relate to the readings and course discussions more broadly.

All group members are expected to contribute equally to the assignment. Explain what the application is, give a brief history of it, and how it connects to the course discussions.

You will receive individual grades for your work, but your overall grade will be based on the coherence of the presentation (i.e. you are all expected to present on the same technology/event and it must flow together).

Presentations must include: A description (1 pg.) of your group’s division of labor (who did what) emailed to me by noon the day of your presentation.

This accounts for 5% of your final grade.


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