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Michael Brandt Introduction Post

Hello, my name is Michael Brandt (follow me on Twitter: mikebrandt16) and I am an MSP major following the Emergent Media track. Perhaps what interests me most about this course is that the mobile media we integrate into our daily lives today seems to be constantly evolving, quite drastically, and at a faster rate than that of the television and movie industries. Cell phones went from being a device capable of basic telecommunication necessities to being small computers capable of functioning as a GPS, portable gaming system, and now scanning and recognizing your fingerprints. While I have to admit, I find the whole fingerprint recognition to be a bit alarming since it has become known that the government is indeed watching and collecting our mediated information, because if anything our fingerprints are now another piece of personal informtation that can be stored and added to their archives. But, my paranoia aside, the technological advancements in mobile technologies is remarkable.

From this class I hope to fully understand the societal impacts of mobile media and just how much they have changed human life. Before smartphones, you simply would not see people stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, staring into a device for several minutes as they Google the nearest fast-food restaurant. But today, we are used to obtaining the information we want as fast as we want it; as fast as the internet.  We are essentially evolving to become more and more unified with our technology, as this popular image illustrates perfectly:


I have always been interested in futurism; delving head first into the future and avoiding lateral movement in the way I live my life. If i feel like some aspect of my life is not progressing, I will try hard to change that and make things better. While there are certain aspects of mobile media to be weary of, I see the entire field as a very current, groundbreaking, and forward-thinking area of modern technological advancements.

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Here’s me

Twitter: twat4class    ie.  I had to make a twitter for school. Definitely not calling anyone such a term.

This class interests me because I have taken Technology and Culture with Dr. Shaw before and the way she stimulates the relevance of each weeks readings with different topics always turns out interesting. Mobile media is something so present and accepted in todays society that for me as an MSP major, would almost need to know the ins and outs of what is completely going on. I am interested to see how my understanding of technology and culture will help me visualize the environments of mobile media. I want to see if we have any similar readings from that class that I can now look read from a different perspective. I hope this class will engage me in discussions and applications of mobile media and be able to understand it better. I am also taking history of electronic media this semester and I hope to be able to jump back and forth until a point occurs when i have a working understanding in the history of how mobile media operates and functions. I hope this class will be able to prepare me to imagine what the future can and will offer so that I can be ready to adapt to a newer or changing media environment. I hope this class will also help me hone in on my blogging and posting skills. I just started using WordPress last semester. I am still at the beginner skill level and really want to improve. Check out the WordPress I had to make for my other class!

A little about me: I like to take pictures and shoot video, edit video, bike, and snowboard.

Guy I grew up with killing it on his bike around the Philadelphia area.



Vanessa Fuller Intro

Twitter: @Fullawords

I remember setting up my schedule last semester and really struggling to find the proper balance in terms of what I need to know better, could stand to know at all, and what interests me. All of course while trying to get a right proper schedule, mates.

I had to ask myself, “What DON’T I want to do?”  For I have learned a while back that often what I want to avoid like a plague, leads me into some of my most fond encounters. So I didn’t think mobile media had any direct connection to myself, however after looking at the course description, I figured it may very well be useful. I live every day as though I’m new to life,  yet somehow I know things. I call it being a stranger.

Now that I am enrolled in the class, I am a bit intimidated by technology. I have a strong disconnect for how to properly use some of these sources, and so much information does not translate from the screen to me in the most comprehensible manners possible.

All this accounted for, I am on a mission. I am on a mission to understand how to address, communicate about, use, and develop mobile media. I think this exploration will allow me to better use and develop media overall, especially in conjunction with some of my other courses. I am so ready to give it my best shot. Off to a bit of a rocky start, but I am still rather determined. What else should you know? I believe in Love and Good over Hate and Evil. So I will be extremely thoughtful in my endeavors here, and hope to engage with my classmates one day, on a professional level. Be ready to work. Be ready to…




Even if you get like this

Introductory Post: Chris Denison

Twitter: @ChrisRDenison

My name is Chris Denison, I am a senior MSP major in the production track. I enjoy watching TV and have a strange affinity to being able to binge watch shows at seemingly impossible speeds. If I were a super hero I would quite literally have the stupidest power. I hope to someday produce TV News or write for a TV drama. I am drawn to live TV because it has a mind of its own, a news broadcast can go horribly awry yet still make for some educational and entertaining. I often look toward my favorite television for inspiration and one of the most inspiring shows I know of is HBO’s, The Newsroom. The show follows journalist sickened by the corporate control and bias that has befallen what is called the “news” today. This the very first scene sets the stage for the entirety of the show.

This class interests me because I am always looking for new perspectives on the ways technologies and culture shape media environments. If I may for a moment confide in this post, I used to hate Twitter. I always thought it was mindless, voyeuristic, and incredibly vain. I would see and hear people talking about what such and such said to so and so about who gives a what.

Instead of a communication tool that was designed to create connections, I seemed to only see it as having a degradative on human connection as a whole.

Then on April 15, 2013, a day that surely will not be forgotten, two bombs explode in the middle of a large crowd gathered to watch marathoners cross a finish line. After the dust settled Boston locked the city down in a massive manhunt to find the culprits. This made traditional avenues of media unreliable and particularly vague so I turned to twitter. There I followed updates posted by the hacker group anon and others in the Boston area.  From that moment on I knew the power of twitter and realized I wasn’t looking at it the right way. I hope this class will change my mind about technology and mobile media, I want my views to be shattered. I live to be proven wrong.

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Introduction: Janelle Roedan

Hi everyone!

Twitter: JanelleRoedan

I am a senior in the BTTM track at Temple University. I became interested in this class because Mobile Media is a big part of everyone’s daily lives. It’s also something that has become important in many different types of businesses – it’s where the majority of advertising revenue comes from and it’s where they can reach many people from all across the world.  I would like to be able to apply what I learn in this class into my career as a media professional. I think one day (or do we already?) we all will be able to access and do everything through our phones…

Like being able to watch John Legend on your phone all day (#SorryImNotSorry)

I’m interested in everything that has to do with media, from the creative side, to the broadcasting side, to the production side of media. I originally wanted to be a newscaster. I even started the first Spanish news in Temple University’s history, but the more internships I did, and the more I got exposed to news casting,  the more I pushed myself away from it.  I had the privilege to intern with the CEO of a new digital media company and was able to learn a lot about the business side of media.  Here is where I realized that news casting was not everything I imagined, and that the business side of media is far more interesting. While I am in my last semester of college, I plan on applying to as many jobs as I can and find the opportunity that will help me expand my knowledge in the media business world!  I want to either go into marketing for a big business or either, media buying or media analysis. . .We will see what the future holds!

It never hurts to network, especially with my fellow Temple Owls so here’s my LinkedIn: My LinkedIn 🙂


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Intro Post: Matthew Brand

Reading through some of these introduction posts, it seems like some of my fellow scholars have a bit more experience than I might have. Which is partly why this class caught my attention as much as it did. I know pretty much nothing about the subject. I think my ignorance of a class’s topic is what prompts me to take them. With this class I hope to become more well rounded in my media literacy and try to become more creative. Perhaps even come up with a new idea that could change the world? Who knows. Maybe I should just start with finishing this blog post before the deadline.

A little about me. If you’ve been to any live music shows here in Philly over the past few years, you’ve probably seen me, or at least been within a fifty foot proximity. I love music to put it lightly. I recently lost my over ten thousand digital song library due to a failed hard drive. Today I got news from a computer whiz that my dad knows that he is able to recover the files. Better news has not ever been delivered to me.

Here’s the album cover of my favorite album of all time (well there’s like a 10 way tie but I don’t want to spam this page)


Kanye West’s College Dropout. Ironic somewhat for a college student eh?

I consider myself a pretty media savvy person. I have a twitter which are rarely use but sometimes share my sarcastic twenty-something opinions there. A tumblr of mine exists somewhere out there on the interwebs. Kudos to you if you find it. My internship at the now defunct Blockley music venue and bar helped to hone my social media skills as that made up the majority of my duties. It’s sad that it had to close but at least we went out with a bang.

Here’s a video taken of the last ever show at The Blockley

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Kyle Schuerger Introductory Post

Twitter: @KyleSchuerger

My name is Kyle Schuerger, and I am a senior Broadcasting, Telecommunications, and Mass Media major at Temple University. I plan on going into the television industry after graduation, and hope to write and produce my own work one day. I’ve tried to gain experience in these fields by working within the student organization Media Meltdown Productions.

My main interest is in television, but in today’s world, all types of media are converging. I think it is important to stay well informed about all types of media, and that is one of the main reasons I am taking this course. People consume media in many different ways, and newer platforms are allowing them to bring their favorites with them every day.

Kyle Schuerger Twitter

I also have a great interest in social media and the way it is changing society. I am active on several different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. I took a class last semester about personal branding and learned how to incorporate all of these into a larger online brand to represent myself. My website is currently the home base for my personal brand, and I plan on continuing the project throughout this semester to blog about media issues and industry events that I find interesting. You can check it out here.

I registered for Mobile Media because I like analyzing media outlets and the changing ways that people interact. With technologies for mobile devices advancing every day, there is so much to learn in order to stay relevant as a content creator. With Twitter allowing people to “live tweet” events as they happen, taking part in the conversation, and playing a larger role in the content they want to consume, the lines between content and platform are constantly becoming more and more blurred. I hope that we can look at these trends and gain the skills necessary to contribute to this transformation.

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