Comic credit: Munroe, Randall. “662: iPhone or Droid” xkcd: http://xkcd.com/662/

Welcome to the Spring 2014 course blog for Mobile Media–an undergraduate course in the Department of Media Studies and Production at Temple University.

This blog is the main course management system for the class, and contains all assignments, readings, policies, handouts, projects, and a blog that students post to on a weekly basis. Check out the tabs at the top of this page for these materials.

For more information or questions, email Dr. Adrienne Shaw at adrienne [dot] shaw [at] temple [dot] edu.

A PDF of the brochure style syllabus is available here: Syllabus–Mobile Media, images S14

If you need a word version of the full syllabus without images email me and I will create one for you.

Course Logistics:

The course number: MSP 4541

When/Where: W 5:30-8pm, 418 TUCC

Professor: Dr. Adrienne Shaw

My Office: 203a Annenberg Hall

My Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 12-1pm (in office or on Skype/Gchat), or by appointment.

Course Description:

Mobile technology is an increasingly important tool for modern communication. This course will take a critical exploration of the role of mobile communication in public life, in part by having students design their own mobile media. Throughout the course, we will explore the societal impact of mobile communication so that students can gain a deeper intellectual understanding of mobile communication in public life and its impact on issues such as social interaction, identity, privacy, sense of place, and surveillance. During the class examples of mobile media applications and services will be introduced. The course consists of conceptual and theoretical teachings, but also includes many practical and hands-on elements in the form of demonstrations of real-life mobile applications, conducted studies and projects. To teach preliminary practical mobile media production skills there will be exercises in mobile application concept design and in mobile application research.

During the course students will engage in blogging, microblogging, field research, design projects, and research writing. These assignments are meant to both embed them in the use of the technologies they will be analyzing as well as develop a broad set of communication skills.

Header image credit: Gary Lerude (2012) “Cell Phone Tower”

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